Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Candidate by Daniel Pembrey

Genres: Suspense, thriller, mystery
Formats: Kindle,
Pages: 102
Published: November 15th, 2013
Publishers: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Edition language: English
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Netgalley review.


When headhunter becomes the hunted. Nick Thorneycroft is a British headhunter working in Luxembourg. His company asks him to recruit a high-flying executive for the company's Russian business. The best candidate turns out to be smart, beautiful... and mysterious. Soon the effects of Russia's political upheaval, and the arrival of an ex-girlfriend who won't leave him alone, make Nick's Luxembourg life increasingly perilous; worlds collide in this gripping, atmospheric tale.


Londoner, Nick Thorneycroft, a former sports writer, gets a job as a headhunter, or recruiter, thanks to his girlfriend, Claire.

He is stationed in Luxembourg, the snow globe of Europe, and is in the process of doing big business with the Russians. Corporate Russians and the Russian government are involved in high profile negotiations with western companies, but also sending in their strong-armed front men to get what they want for whatever sinister reason.

Circumstances in his company become difficult when weird things start to happen, especially when he wakes up in his apartment without any recollection of what happened to him the previous evening and with evidence lying around that he cannot connect to anyone he knows. Nick is instructed to appoint a young woman, Yekaterina Novakovich, without a proper background check. Soon his life turns into chaos and he becomes paranoid. He doesn't know who to trust anymore while is life and job gets weirder by the minute.

This novella is written in the typical mystery, thriller style with little surprises or new angles. It has a cliffhanger ending. A relaxing, fast read, though, and delivers very well in this genre. Not bad at all.



Daniel Pembrey worked for ten years at a large, Seattle-based Internet company - most recently in Luxembourg. He writes thrillers and psychological suspense stories, this being his third. Previous praise: "Daniel Pembrey tells a cracking tale with verve and style. He can write, the jury's not out on that one..." Susan Hill, Booker Prize short-listed author . He also contributes non-fiction articles to publications including The Times. When he is not writing, he loves to read, travel and meet new people. You can follow him on Facebook, facebook/DPembrey, and Twitter, @DPemb.


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