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The Good Girl's Guide to Murder (Debutante Dropout Mystery, #2) by Susan McBride

Marilee Mabry got it made. Her skeletons in her closet was safe here in Dallas.She finally could afford the poshy house in the affluent Dallas high society. Finally her own tv show, The Sweet Life, which was anyone's dream to die for was , well, waiting to be launched... Finally another super star would be born.

Life did not come easy for Marilee. A fissure of excitement dashed up her spine, and she shivered, still amazed at how far she’d come. From a ramshackle chicken farm in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, to a mansion in Preston Hollow a hop, skip, and a jump away from Ross Perot’s. And she did it all on her own after divorcing her two-timing husband who left her with a kid to raise on her own in the unmentionable backyards of society. It was 10% dedication and 90% perspiration that got her where she was.

This was her dream. She deserved to be indulged, and she’d already made up her mind that there would be no more skimping. A bottle of reserve stock Dom Perignon was already in the ice bucket. Waiting.

What more could she ask for? Nothing could go wrong tonight. However, everything was not as it seemed at all at the evening of glits and glamour which was life-streamed on the internet by Andrea Kendricks, the on-short-noticed appointed web designer. Marilee was not the easiest person in the world to work for, or live with. She believed in perfection to be successful and not everyone appreciated her attitude. There were already a few minor incidences which nearly got people killed in preparing for the big gala evening. If things did not go well, people's dreams could go up in flames. The guest list included Cissy and Andrea Kendricks as well as her ex husband and his new trophy wife.

Well-executed and wonderfully plotted. This book is a fast read, a thriller from beginning to end. It is the second book the in the Debutante Dropout Mystery Series.

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In the second installment of Susan McBride’s Debutante Dropout mystery series, Dallas heiress Andrea Kendricks must expose a high-society assassin … before she becomes the killer’s next target.
Website designer and high-society rebel Andrea Kendricks would never have gotten involved with ego-in-pumps lifestyle hostess Marilee Mabry if it weren’t for the underhanded machinations of Andy’s upper-crust mama. But thanks to Mother Cissy, Andy’s donning designer duds to attend a launch party at the intolerable domestic diva’s new Dallas TV studio—and she’s on hand to witness the celebration site go up in flames!
Then Andy finds Marilee’s daughter, seemingly lifeless. Even though iron-willed Cissy isn’t about to let her social calendar be upset by minor inconveniences like arson and possibly murder, her sometime-sleuthing daughter’s got a more pressing engagement—namely, hunting down the culprit behind some very foul play.
But there are more than a few nasty messes tucked away in the Mabry closet—and a craven assassin who has the Big D elite quaking in their cowboy boots may soon be burying Andy in hers!


Susan McBride is the author of Very Bad Things, a young adult thriller out from Delacorte in October of 2014. She also writes women's fiction, including The Truth About Love & Lightning (William Morrow, 02/13), Little Black Dress (09/11), and The Cougar Club (02/10). She has a short memoir called In the Pink: How I Met the Perfect (Younger) Man, Survived Breast Cancer, and Found True Happiness After 40 (06/12), about becoming an "accidental Cougar" at 41, marrying a younger man, being diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, and having her first child at 47. Susan was named "Survivor of the Year" by the St. Louis chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2012 and was dubbed one of St. Louis's "Most Dynamic" in 2012 by the Ladue News.

Susan previously wrote the award-winning Debutante Dropout Mysteries (Avon Paperbacks), including Blue Blood, The Good Girl's Guide To Murder, The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club, Night Of The Living Deb, and Too Pretty To Die. She has authored several YA series books for Random House about debutantes in Houston, the debut in 2008 appropriately titled The Debs and followed by Love, Lies, And Texas Dips in 2009. Gloves Off, the third book, has not yet been released.

Visit Susan's web site at for more info.

Genres: Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Dallas Texas, Satire, Romance, Young adult
Formats: Paperback , E-book
Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Witness Impulse (Harper & Collins) ; 
Publishing date: Original February, 2005; Reissue edition January 7, 2014
Edition Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062326023
ISBN-13: 978-0062326027
Series: Debutante Dropout Mysteries
Language: English
Awards: IMBA Bestseller |Anthony Award Finalist | BookSense Also-Recommended Title
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