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Night of the Living Deb (Debutante Dropout Mystery, #4) by Susan McBride

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Andrea Kendricks thought she new pretty much enough of her boyfriend of four months, Brian Malone, and even thought she might be in love with this lawyer beau of hers. Brian walked the straight and narrow and was even carefully chosen by her ever-interfering mother, Cissy.

He was so clean-cut, such a straight-arrow, not the kind of guy I was normally attracted to, which, in the past, had translated into mostly unemployed artists-cum-bartenders. Definitely not lawyers who went to work in suits, collected regular paychecks, and paid their own rent.
So, in an odd way, Brian Malone was a breath of fresh air."

Andrea even trusted him to take a colleague to a white-collar strip-joint for a bachelor treat. But then Brian disappears and the hot mama of the strip club is found dead in the trunk of his car. The police, and basically everyone else believe he is the murderer.

The only clue she has is that Brian missed her mother's cabbage soup, which everyone in their inner circle knows Chrissy Kendricks was allergic to. What did the message spell?

With only one or two friends believing in Brian's impeccable character, Andrea sets out to find him. But she will have to enter the underworld of the Dallas night life and the police is after her for aiding and abetting her suspect boyfriend. Time is running out fast to find him alive and try to prove his innocence. But it does not look possible.

A really great relaxing, fast-moving, no frills, no fuzz thriller from beginning to end.

It is the fourth book in the Debutante Dropout Mystery Series. A bonus point is that this book, like all the others in the series, has a free-standing ending, which makes it a delight to read. The characters are lovable, often annoying in their imperfection, but endearing to spend time with. I loved the experience.

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Renegade rich girl Andy Kendricks isn't the belle of any Dallas ball—and that's just the way the debutante dropout likes it! She's got a good life and a great man: her defense attorney boyfriend, Brian Malone. Brian's such a straight arrow that he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to a close friend's bachelor party at a sleazy local "gentleman's club."

So why is the groom-to-be saying that Brian left the bacchanal arm-in-arm with "the hottest body in the Lone Star State?" And what was that hot body doing stone-cold dead in the trunk of Brian's car? And where is Brian anyway? The cops are looking for Andy's allegedly unfaithful/possibly homicidal beau who hasn't been seen since the party. But Andy can't believe her upstanding lover is a murdering fool, and she's determined to prove it—though she might end up with a lot more broken than just her heart.

Susan McBride is the author of Very Bad Things, a young adult thriller out from Delacorte in October of 2014. She also writes women's fiction, including The Truth About Love & Lightning (William Morrow, 02/13), Little Black Dress (09/11), and The Cougar Club (02/10). She has a short memoir called In the Pink: How I Met the Perfect (Younger) Man, Survived Breast Cancer, and Found True Happiness After 40 (06/12), about becoming an "accidental Cougar" at 41, marrying a younger man, being diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, and having her first child at 47. Susan was named "Survivor of the Year" by the St. Louis chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2012 and was dubbed one of St. Louis's "Most Dynamic" in 2012 by the Ladue News.

Susan previously wrote the award-winning Debutante Dropout Mysteries (Avon Paperbacks), including Blue Blood, The Good Girl's Guide To Murder, The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club, Night Of The Living Deb, and Too Pretty To Die. She has authored several YA series books for Random House about debutantes in Houston, the debut in 2008 appropriately titled The Debs and followed by Love, Lies, And Texas Dips in 2009. Gloves Off, the third book, has not yet been released.

Visit Susan's web site at for more info.

Genres: Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Dallas Texas, Satire, Romance, Young adult
Formats: Mass Market PB, Avon / eBook,
Number of pages: 336
Publishing date: Original: January 2007 / New: January 2014 Witness Impulse (HarperCollins)
Edition language: English
ISBN-10: 0-06-084555-4
ISBN-13: 978-0060845551 
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#4 Night of the Living Deb

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