Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Friday Promotion at Barnes & Noble

A Murder, Suspense, Thriller feast !!!

Catch the following book promotion on the Barnes & Noble Free Friday Book sale
3rd January, 2014

 Here are the books that are included in the promotion:

Love Thy Neighbor by Mark Gilleo (free)
This is Rage by Ken Goldstein ($1.99)
From the Ashes by Jeremy Burns ($1.99)
The Eighth Day by Tom Avitabile ($1.99)
The Fifth Man by James LePore ($1.99)
Back from the Dead by Peter Leonard ($1.99)
The Shepherd by Ethan Cross ($1.99)

Thank you,
Allison Cronk
Editorial/Marketing Associate
The Story Plant


What can happen if two disgruntled IT people, two cousins named Dennis Swerlow and Sam Kisinski, decides to kidnap one of the biggest players in Silicon Valley, Daniel Steyer, and hold him for ransom. Not to take the money and run, but to start their own company? 

As things work in the modern world, it took seconds for several billionaire egomaniacs, aspiring politicians, and down and out journalists to try and cash in on the situation. What looked like heroics was nothing short of attempts to score like vultures from the situation... more 

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