Agee, Jonis: The River Wife

Alan-Taylor, J. Douglas: Sugaree Rising

Blackwood, Grant: End of Enemies

Bloom, Amy: Lucky Us

Antiporda, Enrico: A light in the Cane Fields

Baldwin, Carey: 
Judgment (A Cassidy & Spenser Thriller) 

Beal, Helen:        Thirty seconds before midnight

Bond, Mike:        The Last Savanna

Bryan, Helen:     The Sisterhood

Cleeland, Anne:  Daughter of the God-King  -  Regency series #2

Craig, James:     Time of Death: An Inspector Carlyle Mystery (Inspector 

                           Carlyle Mysteries)

Davenport, Bea: This Little Piggy

DeLuca, Marjorie: The Pitman's Daughter

                           Busted Out

Dodgson, Rick:  It's All Kind Of Magic - the Young Ken Kesey

Esplin, Danielle: Give It Back

Green, Stacy:     Tin God (Delta Crossroads Trilogy #1)

                          Skeleton's Key (Delta Crossroads Trilogy #2)

Goldstein, Ken:  This Is Rage

Greenwald, Jeff: Shopping for Buddha

Granotier, Sylvie: translated by Anne Trager: The Paris Lawyer

Huber, Linda:  The Cold Cold Sea

Kats, Yoram:     The Kabbalist

Kulin, Ayşe:      The Last Train to Istandbul, Translated by John W. Baker

Isaac, Jane: The Truth Will Out

Leonard, Peter: Eyes Closed Tight

MacBride, Susan: A Debutante Dropout Mystery Series:

                                #1 Blue Blood
                                #2 The Good Girl's Guide to Murder
                                #3 The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club
                                #4 Night of the Living Deb
                                #5 Too Pretty to Die
                              River Road Series
                                             #1 To Helen Back 
                                #3 Not A Chance in Helen

Makkai, Rebecca: Hundred Year Old House

Martin, Alex:        Daffodils
                            Peace Lily

Martin, Mike:      Walker On The Cape - a Winston Windlower Mystery #1
                           The Body On The T - a Winston Windflower Mystery #2

                           Beneath the Surface - a Winston Windflower Mystery #3

Mayhew Bergman, Megan: Almost Famous Women

Molay, Frédérique: The 7th woman - Paris Homocide #1(Translated by Anne Trager)
                            Crossing the line - Paris Homocide #2 (translated by Anne Trager) 

Moriarty, Liane: The Husband's Secret

Pembley, Daniel: The Candidate 

Robinson, Betsy: The Last Will & Testament of Betsy McFigg

Scott, David Meerman, Jurek, Richard: Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program

Segal, Lore:  Other People's Houses

Stevens, Robin: Murder Is Bad Manners

Thompson, Leslie: The Detective's Daughter

Wayne, Jemma: After Before

Wong, PP:  The life of a Banana

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